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Ecoproject is a non-profit non-governmental organization in environment, energy and sustainable development working from Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 2000 by a group of experienced professionals who work on sustainability issues in partnerships with various stakeholders - local government, businesses, educational and scientific institutions, community organisations.

The main focus of Ecoproject's work is on the development and implementation of environment-related and sustainable networking projects in an international context.

In 2007 the organisation has been re-registered into IPO “Ecoproject Partnership”, its website address is

Please explore our site if you want to find out more about our work.

Project: "Developing multi-stakeholder cooperation in the areas of water, waste and energy efficiency in Belarus"

WECF and Ecoproject are implementing a common project with overall aim to raise awareness amongst NGOs, local authorities and citizens as well as businesses on sustainable development in their communities in Belarus. The duration of the project is 3 years. In the first phase the project will build capacity of different stakeholders. We will promote tools for multi-stakeholder participatory cooperation and partnerships for sustainable development in the areas of water, sanitation, solid waste and energy. In the second phase the project will also initiate participatory processes around the implementation of local demonstration/pilot projects related to the issues of water, sanitation, solid waste and energy. More detailed information about the activities of this project in Russian and English can be found here>>.

Why Is Climate Warming Up?

In our ongoing effort to raise awareness on global warming and help to change behaviour of various society groups in Belarus to prevent Climate Change, we have initiated preparation of new educational material to explain the causes and consequences of Climate Change, and to give simple ideas that each of us can implement in our daily lives to prevent global warming. The brochure "Why Is Climate Warming Up?" has been prepared with help of educational experts and has proven to be very useful and effective during the dissemination lessons and seminars. More information here>>.

Awareness raising on Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Belarus

This is our ongoing effort to raise awareness of various stakeholder groups on the most viable energy-related solutions for Belarus such as energy efficiency and the use of local renewable energy sources (e.g. biomass). Together with knowledgeable and experienced partners from Belarus and the UK, and with the support from the British Government we are applying efforts to raise understanding of the renewable energy sources and their use in Belarus. Seminar-training, roundtable and various educational materials are planned within this initiative. More information here>>.

Waste recycling initiative: "Big things start from small ones – Local Agenda 21 – project in Minsk"

Joint Belarussian-German project on the topic of separate waste collection and solution of the problem of solid household waste at the local level in Minsk. This project has been conducted in 2003-2004 in cooperation with OWI (Ost West Institut) and with the financial support from GTZ/IBB Small Grants Programme "Support for Belarus". More information çäåñü>>.

"Strengthening role of local communities for better quality of life" - taking part in the Social Innovations Competition of the World Bank

"Ecoproject" became the finalist of the social innovations competition organised by the World Bank for civil society organisations from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. You can view materials of the presentation here>>.

New: Consultations on Local Agenda 21 Strategy

We invite all interested citizens and organisations from Minsk to take part in the consultation process regarding the concept of Local Agenda 21 Strategy for Pervomaisky district of Minsk. This document sets up priority areas for action and can be downloaded in PDF format here>>.

Discussion FORUM on Local Sustainability

We invite all interested organisations from Nottingham to take part in our discussion on sustainability issues at the local level. You can enter the FORUM here>>.

Seminar-training "Local Agenda 21 and Urban sustainable development: local and international experience"

On November 13th, 2002 on the initiative of Ecoproject together with the Local Administration of Pervomaisky District of Minsk a seminar on exchange of experiences in Local Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development took place. This event was organised within the framework of the project "Initiating Local Agenda 21 in one of the Minsk Districts / Local Community Awareness Initiative". Seminar materials can be viewed here>>.

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