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Ecoproject staff has an appropriate educational background, few years work experience in international projects and practice in educational, management and policy issues for energy and environment topics. Some of the project managers possess Masters degree in Environmental Management and Policy from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ecoproject staff successfully completed a 1-year distance educational European course in Energy and Environment. Additionally a regular participation in the international and local seminars and conferences brings about new contacts, competence and knowledge on the working issues and subjects. To strengthen its expertise it can invite external professionals from Belarus and abroad for fruitful co-operation.

Ecoproject staff has a good spoken and written knowledge of foreign languages (English, German) as well as good computer skills. Excellent project management skills are supplied with initiative and openness to new ideas and contacts.

During the 3 years before joining Ecoproject, staff members had the opportunity to get professional experience while being involved into international environmental project co-operation and implementation within the Joint Dutch-Belarusian Bureau of Environmental Consultancy Burenco in Minsk (Belarus),
Institute for Further Training and Consultation in Environmental Protection in Magdeburg (Germany), Ecofys in Utrecht (the Netherlands), etc. 
The following illustrates some relevant work experience of team members prior to joining Ecoproject:

  • Development and introduction of the training on EMS and ISO 14001 for the top management staff and employees of the "Atlant" - the biggest refrigerators production enterprise in Belarus. This enterprise is now on its way to finalizing EMS implementation and ISO 14001 certification.

  • Contribution to the preparation of the manual on environmental management and auditing for an enterprise (to be published in 2001), joint Belarusian-German project co-ordinated by IWU - Institute for Further Training and Consultation in Environmental Protection in Germany;

  • Adaptation of a British educational video-film "Your Business And The Environment: Grime Goes Green" to Belarusian language and conditions, successful use of this film during the seminars and training sessions on environmental management in industry;

  • Organisation of the Seminar on pros and cons of Environmental Management Systems for Belarusian industrial enterprises was an excellent face-to-face experience of work with business sector;

  • Energy and environmental reviews were performed for and communicated to some SMEs in Minsk region;

  • Series of successful environmental awareness raising campaigns for citizens of Minsk - development of the concept and implementation of accumulated experience;

  • Active involvement into Environment for Europe process development and NEAPS evaluation (preparation of Belarusian NGO statements towards Aarhus'98 Conference of Environmental Ministers);

  • Series of educational materials on water and energy saving issues, household economy through waste minimization were written and published for children and adults; Various educational seminars on examples and methods of environmental education showed enormous popularity and need of such projects in the future.

Current Ecoproject activities and projects under development include and cover the following subjects: energy efficiency and the environment, energy efficiency in education, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their environmental performance in developed and transition economies, accumulation of environmental education resources in Belarus, and many others. Please see News for more detail.

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