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Ecoproject experts have good access to international experience and possibilities for applying modern local and international knowledge on various sustainability topics in Belarus. In particular, we can assist in application, readjustment and adaptation of the best sustainability practices from the European Union (UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland), Russia and Ukraine. 

Ecoproject team has already built a significant network of professional contacts in Belarus and abroad. On Belarusian side these are numerous representatives at national, regional and local level authorities, private enterprises, NGOs, educational institutions. 

Our project development work and international project partnerships constantly evolve and focus on several sustainability areas. For example, these are energy efficiency, energy technology, renewable energy and the environment, preventing Climate Change (HEDON International Network and Eco Company in the UK, Ecofys B.V. in the Netherlands), local sustainability and Local Agenda 21 (Nottingham City partners, WestDEN Environmental Network), various environment & health-related topics (WECF in Germany and the Netherlands); waste management and waste minimisation issues (OWI e.V. in Germany), industrial environmental management and cleaner technology (IWU e.V. in Germany, Imperial College in the UK); environmental education (Russia, UK), environmental policy (The Conservation Foundation in the UK, OGI International in the Ukraine) and many others. Ecoproject is a member of the Sustainability Web Ring, ANPED and WECF networks, and an active participant of the West NIS discussion list and network focusing on environmental advocacy and co-ordinated jointly by E-LAW together with the partners from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

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